Saturday, September 29, 2007

4 Things You Should Know

Bo-ring! Nothing puts me to sleep faster than a quote tract. Published by Evangelical Tract Distributors, this one is dull from start to finish.

What are the four things you should know? You need to be Saved, you cannot Save yourself, you must choose now (Christ or Wrath for eternity), and your Part (Believe, Receive, Remember & Do it now). There, I just saved you the trouble of reading it. Besides, it's the same thing we've all heard before, just with a different title and presentation. The cover is drab and fails to catch the eye, and the red type for the scripture quotes doesn't work, either. There isn't even any offensive content!

What a waste of paper.

Likely to Convert - 0
Artwork - 0
Ability to Hold Interest - 0
Unintentional Hilarity - 0
Level of Disturbing or Offensive Content - 0

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