Monday, April 1, 2013

The Second Coming: Surely I Come Quickly

Let me begin this tract review by saying that I shall try to deal with the title as maturely as possible. Not easy, given the scripture quote from Revelation 22:20 that makes up the subtitle, "Surely I Come Quickly."

Too bad for Shirley!

As you may have guessed, this Fellowship Tract League offering concerns the End Times. The cover offers some lovely artwork of people on white horses riding through space toward Earth. One of them (Jesus, I'm guessing) wears a crown and wields a sword, and has blood dripping from the hem of his robe. He also has the words King of Kings and Lord of Lords written on his robe at thigh level, just above the blood. There are Bible passages for each of these details, which is a good thing - otherwise, this guy might look a bit silly.

I mean, seriously? King of kings and lord of lords written on his thigh? In case anyone doesn't believe it's HIM and asks for his ID? But it's in the Bible, like I said, so it must be true.

And that's the attitude taken by this tract. No surprise there. I don't think I've encountered a tract that wasn't. I suppose this one stands out for me because it seems even more concerned with the nitty-gritty, fiddly little details.

What's worse is that the tract author puts words into readers' mouths! "You say, 'I just cannot believe it. I have so many questions.'" No, I said nothing of the kind, but that doesn't stop the author from responding with: "Let's allow God's Word to answer them for you." I did not say I had questions, but now this author has the arrogance to pose answers to what it thinks my questions are!

"When will the rapture take place? Soon!"
"Will it affect me? Yes!"
"How can it be true? JESUS SAID SO!"
"What should I do? REPENT, BELIEVE, BE SAVED!"

As is common for this type of tract, the author makes several grandiose claims and backs them up only with scripture quotes. Naturally, this will lose him/her many skeptics and atheists by the wayside. I've been saying it for how many reviews now? Just because you believe that "Jesus Christ wold not lie," doesn't mean the rest of us will take your word for it!

This tract reminds me of the post-Rapture video in Left Behind, the movie and the book. The video explains where all the vanished people have gone, and what the rest of the world has in store for them. This tract could serve the same purpose, and might actually be effective in such a scenario. The author clearly wants to inform people before the fact rather than after, however, so I doubt it will convince the secular crowd pre-Rapture. It might just save a few souls afterward, if the Rapture actually happens.

And that's a pretty big 'if'.

"If you miss the rapture, you will" be stuck on Earth during "the Great Tribulation" and you will "cry out for help and comfort" before you "end up in hell for all eternity." Maybe I will. But it will take something a lot better than this tract to convince me.

The Second Coming: Surely I Come Quickly
Likely to Convert - 1
Artwork - 4
Ability to Hold Interest - 2
Unintentional Hilarity - 3
Level of Disturbing or Offensive Content - 1

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