Monday, October 29, 2012

Who, Me?

Note: this is a rewrite of a review I'd posted over a year ago, along with several copyrighted images. I deleted it along with several other reviews, but recently decided to re-post it if I could find my original handwritten draft. I did, so here it is.

To take people's minds off of Hurricane Sandy, I bring you another look into the world of the nearly-always reliable Jack Chick. But this one, dear readers, is no ordinary Chick Tract. This one was specially created for timid Christians who want to Save people as passively as possible. And more, it's also a shameless advert for Jack's other tracts, to be distributed by those timid Christians in the hopes of converting them into Chick Publications customers. And Saving the unSaved too, I suppose.

First, Jack uses his own unique style to demonstrate how hard it is to Witness. Most methods (like gospel radio & TV sows) won't work, he says, and most other tracts are also doomed to failure because they have "too many words." Before presenting his own work as the solution to this Witnessing dilemma, Jack tells an interesting story about where he got the idea to draw his cartoons. "A missionary told us that the Communists in China had developed a powerful way to reach the multitudes." It seems "their agents watched our children spend hours reading comic books." Jack illustrates this point with an image of a drug store, where children read comics while an evil-looking Chinese dude takes pictures of them from behind a display stand. "The communists spent millions of dollars printing their propaganda in a cartoon format," and "the results were extremely successful."

Apparently people will believe anything if it's in cartoon form. Think I'll go find some toxic waste to swim in when I'm done this review, so I can get me some superpowers!

Anyway, seeing the success of the Chinese propaganda, Jack Chick made his illustrated gospel tracts to spread God's Word. Because when he does it, it's spreading God's Word. But when the Chinese do it, it's propaganda. Hmm. I'm certain Jack missed the irony on this one.

According to Jack, his cartoon tracts succeeded "beyond all expectations" because "people find them IRRESISTIBLE!" If he does say so himself. Which he does.

The rest of the tract tells the reader how they can go about Witnessing with his tracts, and gives suggestions on where those tracts could be placed. Jack also devotes two pages to quotes from people who got Saved because they read his work. "NOBODY can resist illustrated Chick Tracts!"

The back cover provides information on how to get your hands on some, so you can have "a successful and satisfying personal ministry." Chick tracts are "available at your favorite Christian bookstore," and a phone number and website address are provided just in case they are not.

As tracts go, this is a unique item. It's fairly inoffensive, except of course to the Chinese, and it is amusing to see just how highly Jack thinks of himself and his product. Doesn't the Bible have a few things to say about pride? Still, Jack has a valid point - his tracts make it very easy for shy people to spread Jack Chick's word.

Who, Me?
Likely to Convert - N/A
Artwork - 7
Ability to Hold Interest - 7
Unintentional Hilarity - 6
Level of Disturbing or Offensive Content - 4

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